THE PARTY IS OVER TP HIGH RES This book is about America’s broken political system: how it got that way, who benefits, and who loses. It is about the. The Party Is Over has ratings and reviews. Hana said: Having read Mike Lofgren’s book I really do understand the populist appeal of both candidates . 59 quotes from Mike Lofgren: ‘Let’s face it: The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense. It is an.

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Lofgren’s proposed solutions–campaign finance reform and bipartisan redistricting to reduce gerrymandering–are on the right track though they do not go far enough.

The warrior-leader, like the witch doctor, ultimately appeals to irrational emotionalism; and the cultural psychology that produces the bravest and most loyal warriors is a mind-set that is usually hostile to the sort of free inquiry of which scientific progress depends. He really knows budgeting and defense appropriation and the chapters on those subjects are sobering and packed with the kind of knowledge that only a true numbers-crunching policy wonk could command.

With such tactics paralyzing the legislative process nothing changes, that is to say great wealth remains protected to do as it pleases. Pwrty book verified all the feelings that I’ve had about American Politics over the past 15 years or so. The Party is Over is an excellent primer for those trying to make locgren of, the party is over mike lofgren make reasoned decisions, in this pivotal primary and election year. More entertaining than informative, but that’s kind of what I was the party is over mike lofgren.

Brightly Raise kids who love to read. A sane review of the US national political system by a former Republican senate insider. If the public doesn’t take notice and act, the book’s title will come true the party is over mike lofgren the broadest sense and our American democracy will be lost.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What has evolved in America over the last three decades is a one-and-a-half-party system, as Democrats opportunistically cleave to the party is over mike lofgren “center,” which, in the relativistic universe of American politics, keeps moving further to the right.

This is a topic that really has to be discussed, but, in my humble opinion, this author didn’t make it work. Political change is sweeping North Africa and the Middle East — including some of the states which have been clients of our fading global hegemony.

The Party is Over provides the ammunition needed by the public to address The Problem in all the ways it presents itself. He excoriates the Obama administration for “looking forward” and refusing Some of us are old enough to remember when “intelligent conservative Republican” wasn’t an oxymoron.

Aug 27, Pages. Nevertheless, it’s a book that pparty voter should read.

The Party Is Over by Mike Lofgren |

Be prepared for the party is over mike lofgren fireworks. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. After three straight losses in presidential elections between andthey abandoned their old beliefs in practice while continuing to espouse them in theory. No wonder the pejorative “Obamacare” won out. Many left-leaning think tanks, like the Center for American Progress, handle the same executive branch usurpations that they criticized when Bush was in office less by explicitly praising them for that would be too blatantly hypocritical as by adopting a see-no-evil approach.

American voters have their heads in the sand in part because Republicans have built into American culture a sprawling ignorance machine, and because Republicans have intentionally undermined public trust in the government It’s a tirade, but the party is over mike lofgren a tirade worth reading.

To ask other readers questions about The Party Is Overplease sign up. And much of what passes for politics even at the local level is vapid window-dressing at best and, at worst, a cynical attempt to placate the uninformed with bread and circuses while the real business gets profitably and quietly done in ill-attended, deliberately dull late-night meetings.

From my perch on the budget committee I watched with a mixture of fascination and foreboding as my party was hijacked by a new crop of opportunists and true believers hell-bent on dragging the country into their jerry-built New Jerusalem: Whether it was Rep.

A well-argued call for the party is over mike lofgren sanity in American politics. So how did the party of Lincoln become the party of lunatics? There was partyy lot of interesting information, and I’d like to just flip through a book and read as opposed to trying to find the right passage in audio.

Aug 02, Pages Buy. Aug 09, Deb Van added it.


How did Republicans manage to seize control of the way Americans speak about public life? It does not include laws restricting access to legal abortions. With this attitude, establishment Democrats only mirror the right-wing Republicans who cheered the PATRIOT Act, denounced criticism of illegal wiretapping, and favored all manner of of illegality.

Here’s a book written by that almost extinct species. The party is over mike lofgren enjoyed clever turns of phrase like policital “buck-raking”. The Republican Party is no longer a broad-based conservative party in the historically accepted sense.

Aug 06, Kara rated it really liked it. They are simple to grasp and well within the ambit of the average person who does not follow politics. As for China, it barely registered at the time. Oct 30, Jud Barry rated it it was ok.

The Democratic Party coasted far too long on Franklin D. From what I have seen in Congress, Fallows is right: An absolute the party is over mike lofgren read” for anyone who imagines himself or herself to be an informed voter. They can take a good idea and destroy it by falsely labeling it for emotional appeal. And, his now unheeded warnings of the military industrial complex. I was in the privileged position to see how Congress works on the inside, when the party is over mike lofgren C-Span cameras are turned off.

Sustaining his original thesis well beyond Internet-browsing attention span, Lofgren has crafted an angry but clear-sighted argument that may not sit well at family reunions or dinner parties, but deserves attention. That is what this book aims to answer.