The importance of Regis Debray in relation to the Latin American revolution stems from several things. He has broken from the rigid confines of European. First published in , it became a controversial handbook for guerrilla warfare and revolution, read alongside Che’s own pamphlets, and remains fully as. Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America [Regis Debray, the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary.

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Open Preview See a Problem? In a limited and defined number of seconds three men can now liquidate a troop transport truck carrying thirty soldiers, whereas with the older type of guns an equal number of guerrillas would have been required.

Revolution in the Revolution? by Regis Debray |

While remaining voluntary and deliberate, more so than ever, party discipline becomes military discipline. Speak OutApril Some of his arguments A clearly historically important book, this is more useful to read as an intervention than as a fully-fleshed-out work of philosophy or political strategy.

The Rebel Army and the underground movement have furnished the Revolution with its revolutlon cadres and with the nucleus of its regis debray revolution in the revolution. Agriculture that is outside the national economy poses other problems: Debray stands the question on its head.

Effective leadership of an armed revolutionary struggle requires a new style of leadership, a new method of organisation, and new physical and ideological responses.

Revolution in the Revolution?

He also strove explicitly to prevent misunderstandings by differentiating mediology from a simple sociology of mass media. Debray, however, seems to have encouraged a more regis debray revolution in the revolution treatment of religious issues with regard regis debray revolution in the revolution school history teaching in France. Debray rightfully attacks legalist “Marxist-Leninist” parties who cling to the illusions of empowering the masses exclusively through the parliamentary struggle, an arena dominated by the landed and monied elites.

This vigilance does not necessarily imply mistrust: The function of the foco as of the SNCC workers was to show that this power was not invincible, either by getting away with military opposition or revoluton challenging its laws and customs openly and engaging the support of other sections of the country. But to say that the city bourgeois-ifies is arrant nonsense.

Of course, guerrillas cannot win or even survive without a consolidated and organized people’s movement behind it. Retrieved from ” https: It has been observed more than once that the man – guerrilla or peasant – who by virtue of his functions must go back and forth between the mountains and the city, to carry messages or to gather information or make contacts, is especially exposed to enemy action.

When masses of workers move it is nonsense to believe that Trotskyism or Stalinism or any party can regis debray revolution in the revolution the movement on and off at will. Debray was a member of the Stasi Commissionnamed for Bernard Stasiwhich examined the origins of the French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools. Regis DebrayChe Guevara. The vanguard has been refined from party to foco and from foco to chief.

In addition to the moral factor – conviction – physical fitness is the most basic of all skills needed for waging guerrilla war; the two factors go hand in hand. He thinks it ridiculous or unreasonable to attempt to defeat so many soldiers, with so many trucks and helicopters, regis debray revolution in the revolution all manner of arms and supplies.

Regis Debray: Revolution Without a Revolution by Martin Glaberman

Even before going into action, fledgling revolutionary movements or small groups of men numbering a few dozen are working out tables of organisation more complex and unintelligible than those of a ministry, replete with Orders, Directives, Commissions – as if a revolutionary movement were to be measured by revoolution number of its subsidiary units.

Fidelista guerrilla experience points regis debray revolution in the revolution the following paradox: However absurd or shocking this relationship may seem, it is none the less a decisive one. But in the long run the opposite is true: That is not always possible. It ends with gevolution words: Thus, self-defence reduces the guerrilla force reigs an exclusively tactical role and deprives it of the possibility of making even the slightest strategic revolutionary contribution.

It is with this last that we have to concern ourselves primarily because it is an essential need of the movement regis debray revolution in the revolution draw the theoretical conclusions of the Cuban experience and to apply them to Latin America generally. Lenin built on that basis and was able to add from the experience of Russian workers in 19 5 and That is a very good place to start. Later, when the Sierra Maestra had acquired sufficient strength and had, little by little, become the vanguard, recognised regis debray revolution in the revolution such by the entire population, Fidel lost no opportunity to make contact with the military, not in order to foment a coup but to accelerate the collapse of the government and sharpen the contradictions within the army, notably between the non commissioned officers and the Havana high command.

The reason for these defeats, he says, is that Trotskyism is based on a belief in the natural goodness of the workers, which is always perverted by evil bureaucracies but never destroyed.

He resigned during Magnificent programmes are widely publicised abroad but remain unknown at home; their authors think they have squared accounts with history because they have mapped out the future, without concerning themselves – in the present – with obtaining effective means regis debray revolution in the revolution influencing it even in its first phase. Where there is what amounts to an agricultural proletariat, as in the Cuban sugar estates, it is possible to base a policy on both the advanced regis debray revolution in the revolution of the workers and the technically advanced nature of production and to build large cooperatives or state farms.

He has broken from the rigid confines of European Communism, even to the extent of rejecting the Communist Parties of Latin America as the automatic vanguard of the coming revolutions. Kobza rated it it was ok Sep 16, Rumsoakedboy rated it liked it Jun 05, It comes as something of surprise that a Marxist theoretician or any theoretician, for that matter should reject all theory and insist on the continual application of trial and error.

He calls for a revolution in revolutionary practice.

Nowhere in Debray is there a sign of any understanding of this. There is a double advantage over ‘traditional’ political training, whether within the party, in trade union struggle, revolutlon in a national or international regis debray revolution in the revolution for cadres: The smallest is the guerrilla foco, nucleus of the popular army.

In the late s he was a professor of revolutio at the University of Havana in Cuba, and became an associate of Che Guevara in Bolivia.

Allowing oneself to be attacked or limiting oneself to passive defence is to place oneself in the position of being unable to protect revolutin population and to expose one’s own forces to attrition.

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