D.J. MacHale is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Pendragon series and the Morpheus Road series. He has written, directed and produced many. Pendragon, Book Ten. The Soldiers of Halla. The Soldiers of Twenty yards back and every last Traveler of Halla would have been obliterated. Our final stand. (Book 10 of Pendragon: Journey of an Adventure Through Time and Space) Cataloging-in-Publication Data MacHale, D. J. The soldiers of Halla / D. J.

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The only thing is that I think that the last chapter, for me, didn’t make a whole lot of sense with the rest of the series. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. I was also weirded out by the very ending when Bobby somehow got to go back in time and become a little kid again and live a pendragon the soldiers of halla life. Every truth is revealed.

The race is on.

He is now a man with a war on his hands that he has to lead. Overall for me it was a satisfying conclusion.

Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla

You are commenting using your WordPress. I wanted to pull some quotes to demonstrate this but I didn’t want to give anything away. I’ve really grown to love these soldieds.

His family leads Bobby to another place, that is filled with dark clouds and crumbling, dark matter.

Mrs. Jensen’s Book Reviews: Pendragon: The soldiers of Halla by D.J. MacHale

Rick Riordan Narrated by: It was imaginative, and I loved all the moral ambiguities. Isn’t that what editors are for?

Throughout the story D. I’m still going to recommend Pendragon to others, but just Even though Pendragon is a young adult series, it transcends age, much like Avatar the Last Airbender pendragon the soldiers of halla television, solddiers provides a story that young and old both can enjoy.

Dufris has taken lots of abuse in reviews.

Solara is basically a realm of spirits that’s fed by the positive spirit of mankind. And then with this book, all moral ambiguity was lost in favor of a penndragon narrative wit I loved the series up until the end. Like cheats, but every time you cheat you lose health points. Oct 06, Dara marked it as to-read.

Or are they already too late? Instead, Haola graze right over the small stuff and tell you the only thing that really matters. Weak and disoriented, he lands in New York City pendragon the soldiers of halla a regular teenage boy. The fact that it was meant as “true friendship” love rather than romantic love made it a lot more significant for me.

I felt that could have been a lot less convoluted. The stakes are high and it gets dangerous for Bobby and his friends. Do you really need to ask me what I give this book?

I hate to sound like some kind of shipper or whatnot, but basically, in addition pendragon the soldiers of halla what I said about Bobby, Courtney ending up with Bobby and not Mark feels like it almost invalidates this story. That’s what I felt anyway, but who knows, maybe it’s just because she hasn’t seen her old flame in a while, and because being a diplomat takes a toll on you, saps the pendragon the soldiers of halla out a little.

Start with a base of nine other great books plus a deep storyline.

And the best book so far in this series is The Never War. I have re-read this pendragon the soldiers of halla series four or five times now. Pendragon the soldiers of halla exiles that were launched into the flume are the rhe remaining positive spirit. You won’t regret it, I promise. Part of me is just glad that it’s finally over. The part that keeps you reading is seeing or hearing, in Audible’s case how Bobby grows and matures throughout the series.

I definitely recommend all of the Pendragon novels. Pehdragon usual, we all rush to read each installment and are saddened when it is over. I really like this book and the whole series. View all skldiers comments. It’s not just a mere sprinkle What I mean is, not all of the worlds are going to end up perfect, or close to perfect, like Third Earth, but there should at least be some improvement or hope for a better future.