the Consulate General Chinese Embassy in Myanmar Instruction to Visa Application Form(Form VA) of the People’s Republic of China () . Visa Application Form VApplication Form of the People’s Republic of China. /08/ Appendix: Visa Application Form Vdoc · Visa Application. Download most current china visa application forms here. V form is current form for year V China Visa Application Form V (Current form) .

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You never choose which counter to go to, the security guy will direct you. This is 4 pages, all printed on one large sheet. If the applicant is chinse Chinese Americans, under 12 years old, and has never applied for a Chinese Visa or never been approved for a Chinese Visa before, the following documents must also be provided: Rich on July 24, at How chinese visa form v.2011a entries do I need?

I am currently staying in hanoi and planning to go to china next week. In Mongolia, it was a day for us. E form is saved on the server, chinese visa form v.2011a may modify, download into PDF and print it forn any computer that has internet access.

Multiple entry visa is usually not given to Non-US passport holders.

With my application I included proof of lodging and an airline ticket back to the US after a 3 weeks stay. Is it temporary that they foorm not issue visas to travelers in Vietnam? Was this the case with you — had to enter China within 90 days of application? Except for one thing: The security guard gave me a list of the 7 required documents but with 5 ticked, which he said chinese visa form v.2011a be all I need. If you are dealing with chinese visa form v.2011a hassle of the embassy, might as well make it last ten years!

Please contact our office for details. Is it quiet necessary to provide one?

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But before we could cross the border, we needed to get a visa. Hi Rudolph, Give it a go.

To pick up the passport they open in the afternoon at 3 chineese. Hi there, first of all, brilliant original post and follow-up comments by all, so helpful.

chinese visa form v.2011a Please check for omission and error before you print the form. Chinese Consulates are generally very meticulous with the visa application form. Push happily and vlsa in front of the people that just cut in front of you. So i might go do it in hanoi.


There are counters and pens at the back. Copy of passport information page and valid Vietnam visa 2. Option 1 not for Los Angeles Consulate.

Thanks so much and safe travels! Greetings from Vietnam Reply. Contact Us – Contact Us. Do not lose this receipt! Mateo rendon on April 12, at We applied on Monday morning and picked up on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for your help!

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hanoi, Vietnam

Jane M on V.20111a 24, at Is it the time to get a your China Tourist Visa now? Value Incredible Value with Top Quality. Here is our experience as two Americans getting a business M visa with multiple entries and with expedited processing in April