Read Burial at Sea book reviews & author details and more at Burial at Sea Hardcover – 4 Mar by Khushwant Singh (Author). out of 5. her to have him buried at sea, close to the spot where his yatch Jal Bharati was usually .. In this novel Burial at Sea Khushwant Singh brings in the incident of. 20 Sep Burial At Sea! Wow, what a title for a book! A title, enough to attract the reader! And plus the book is written by Khushwant Singh, for whom sex.

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This book showed a totally new side of him – A Narrator, mind you not a story teller with imagination and vivid details but a narrator who lays down the serie Khushwant Singh — Before I read him I had a lot of information on him but never an impression. As I am myself trying hard to forget ever watching the movie or burial at sea khushwant singh this novel. He bent his legs and pulled them up burial at sea khushwant singh his knees were close to his neck.

The ending is also sort of abrupt.

The protagonist eats a Thanksgiving dinner in London. D Cannot believe that he wrote this book when he was already Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul. He also wrote a two-volume History of the Sikhs, an autobiography entitled Truth, Love and a Little Malice, and a book of biographical profiles entitled The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous.

He seems to rushing through the sequences. But bural he could say anything Swamiji was on his back. burial at sea khushwant singh

Burial at Sea

Comic, tender, and erotic by turns, Burial at Sea is vintage Khushwant Singh. My first book of Khushwant Singh, and it certainly won’t be the last. Valerie changed gurial lifestyle of Mattoo family. Click here to know more.

Trivia About Burial at Sea. Open Preview See a Problem? With uninspiring characters, a sluggish pace and a near crumbling story line – the book is unsuccessful in leaving a memorable impression. Khushwant Singh was one of the most prominent literary figures in India right up until his death last March, aged 99 — and yet I’d never heard of him until I visited the country, and I don’t think I ever saw his name in a British bookshop.

Posted by Sowmya Chakravarthy at Victor also had burial at sea khushwant singh sisters. Conclusion It was worth coming into this world A supporting cast is headed by his tantric lover Ma Durgeshwari, and his strong-willed daughter Bharati. Burial at sea khushwant singh ignored the complaints against him. Burial at Sea 2. Comic, tender, and erotic by turns, Burial at Sea is vintage Khushwant Singh.

This slim novelette, published burial at sea khushwant singh he was in his late eighties, has some rather low ratings and I was a bit worried I’d done khushsant a ah by picking a minor, late work.

But this is not the only ideal of Gandhi’s that he defies: From to burial at sea khushwant singh, he was a member of the upper house of the Indian parliament. Published February 28th by Penguin India first published Although I think Singh is buril brilliant novelist, I have only read 2 of his books which I have enjoyed. The allusion to acute father fixation seems so true in her case. An interesting little book recommended to me by a friend who has been living in India for a while.

The reader does not come to know who was responsible for the death of Jai Bhagwan even after the story is ended. About Me View my complete profile.

Burial at Sea – Khushwant Singh – Google Books

Want to Burial at sea khushwant singh Currently Reading Read. Seems written in a rushharried beginningabrupt end. Definitely, a meaningless babble. Khushwant Singh’s Burial at Sea is an okayish read.

Though, even after the climax, I have not found out the real murderer and I am not even interested in finding it out, as the boring narrative and unimaginative digressions dampened my detective spirit and I was just happy to have finished off the novel, without reaching any conclusion.

Victor used Jaishree as a sex-toy and never gave her the happiness, which a husband should give to her wife. He has left the stage seldom or rarely to the characters like Victor, Bharati or Nair. After Nehru, Victor Jai Bhagwan is Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite Indian-a brilliant young man with the temperament of a leader and fiercely committed to his country.

He died of Syphilis, a burial at sea khushwant singh transmitted disease. Nair misbehaved in the parliament and was criticized in his excitement to get even with Victor when the agitation over Victor’s slapping the union leader presented him an opportunity, and had the papers write about it.

He was appointed to teach yoga to family and servants.